Honda BigWing

Attitude of winning

Located on Praditmanutham Road, Bangkok, the area is crowded with low-rise houses and shopping malls. Honda BigWing is a building that stands out from the other buildings in the area because of its sleek and its dynamic concrete form. Vaslab had the opportunity to design this architecture by winning a competition that AP Honda organized in 2007 to design a Flagship Store Honda BigWing, the first Honda big bike showroom in Thailand that offers one stop service. 


AP Honda wants the most satisfying concept to open up the big bike market in Thailand and showcase the brand’s iconic products. Vaslab took two weeks to come up with a design concept to understand the history of the brand deeply. Until we came across a picture in the 80’s, which shows the moment a Honda motorcycle overtaking a rival brand. It was the moment of victory in an important match that reflects the meaning of a brand’s success oriented attitude-an attitude that doesn’t need to be first, and stays humble. 

Vaslab transcribes through the lines of “hugging the curve” and combines it with triangular shaped sites. This result is in a building shaped like a boomerang. The main material is concrete that dynamically flows from the outside into the building. Environmentally friendly materials were chosen, in order to suit Bangkok’s hot and humid climate. In terms of functionality, the showroom is placed on the second floor. Not only does the view open to the Highway’s level but it also prevents moisture coming directly from the ground. On the same floor, there are brand shops and offices, divided into zones without walls. On the ground floor, there is a coffee shop, one-stop service center and parking area. In addition, solar cells were installed in the hall outside to produce electricity for the building outside as well.

Vaslab believes that the Honda BigWing architecture created was on the right track because it is a design that is unique, functional and also reflects the brand’s culture story very well. It is a very good opportunity for us to design public architecture for the first time. It received 


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    Bangkok, Thailand
Honda BigWing