Centara Korat

The locally intimate
space for all

Centara Korat positions itself as a lifestyle hotel that focuses on the staying experiences of its guests rather than the typical luxury that hotels have usually offered. With families and business travelers as the target demographic and the desire to highlight the staying experience as the main goal, the design incorporates not just the general mood and tone, but an entire lodging experience that guests may expect from the moment they walk into the hotel until they check out.

The design concept aims to create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere throughout the stay at the hotel. Local materials and warm earth tones are used to portray a sense of local hospitality. The design also employs a number of substitute materials for their greater durability and ease of maintenance, such as the finishing surface of the walls with the brownish shade of sandstone, the use of wood as decorative components, and the walls and check-in counter built using the rammed earth technique to convey the characteristics of a local material, namely the Dan Kwian earth. Other compositions and patterns give off a sense of dynamism and liveliness, highlighting the rhythm between architectural and decorative elements and the natural human scale, from the façade covering the building’s foundation to the window frames of the hotel rooms to the rooftop that stands out in the Korat skyline.

Functions also contribute to the intimate mood and tone of the hotel. The floor plan, layout, and various functional spaces are all at the right scale and do not overwhelm users with their intimidating presence. Each common space has its own distinct features, such as the 360 degree rooftop zone and poolside cabana seats, which provide visitors with the ultimate relaxation while providing a unique view of Korat. The hotel rooms are decorated with warm materials and colors whose tones and patterns encapsulate vernacular characteristics. From throw pillows with newly designed patterns to the design of the headboard to the layout of the rooms’ interiors, furnitures, and decorations, all are created to highlight the hotel’s memorable staying experiences, with the comfort and convenience of the guests at the core of it all.

  • Completion

  • Area

    17,490 sq.m.
  • Location

    Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Centara Korat