LIT Bangkok

A perfect, well-balanced clash of big city chaos and a true resting space,

Lit Bangkok is a mid-sized, 79-room hotel sited in one of the most diverse and complex districts of Thailand’s capital city. It’s the place where towering department store buildings cast their shadows on local neighbourhoods and street food kiosk-a characteristically contradicting coexistence of Bangkok’s urban fabric.

Vaslab works together with the project’s owner for the design of an architectural program that eventually brings a dynamic addition to Soi Kasemsan 1, an alleyway with walking distance from Siam Square. With its distinctive physical appearance and iridescent facade at night, the hotel’s architecture presents itself as something of an art piece when viewed from Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s building situated nearby.


The facade’s design takes inspiration from a bride’s veil. Vaslab experiments on parallelogram aluminium, using it as the principal material for each module of the façade. The laser-cut technology renders the perforated surface; introducing a visually distinctive pattern to the building envelope’s structure. Created is the architectural creation veiled with the facade’s delicate mass, offering a sense of privacy to both the interior space and hotel guests while engaging Lit Bangkok as a part of the urban dialogue with its surroundings.

The flow between the interior and exterior spaces is facilitated via Vaslab’s masterful spatial manipulation and use of materials from the grass steps in front of the hotel leading the way into the outdoor plaza, to the visual connectivity made possible by massive glass walls of the reception lobby that embraces the view of the descending terraced court. Collectively, these elements put together a unique spatial experience, contradicting at times, but pleasingly enigmatic nonetheless.


  • Completion

  • Area

    7,000 sqm
  • Location

    Bangkok, Thailand
LIT Bangkok