Transverse Convergence

Three path assemblage

Conceptualized from the three realms of the afterlife, Inferno (hell), Purgatorio (world), and Paradiso (paradise), depicted in Dante Alighieri’s eminent piece of literature ‘The Divine Comedy’, and the three journeys to survival, the inception of Transverse / Convergence House is the result of Vaslab’s attempt to employ Dante’s rule of ‘three’ and reconcile it into an architectural narrative of a residence sited in Phra Khanong district of Bangkok. The house’s distinctive architectural expression presents itself through elements such as the concrete mass enveloping each story of the built structure, and the massive glass walls at the foyer, which marks the symbolic beginning of the road to human survival.

Vaslab’s interpretation of the first survival or The Path of Revelation (reality) is realized as the dynamic placement of various compositions of the common area and circulation, which merge the exterior and interior spaces into a unified spatial program.

The second journey or The Path of Transformation is translated into different spatial functionalities, human’s interactions with spaces, including conversations between the thoughtfully selected materials. Wood is brought in to facilitate spatial connectivity when contrasting architectural elements converge. Meanwhile, the clash between the warmth of wooden furniture and the rigidity of the building’s concrete mass, or even how doors are used as both a dividing and linking tool, collectively keep the boundary between public and private spaces flexible.

The last path to survival or The Path of Tranquility is unveiled as the house’s master bedroom where the architect’s attempt to accentuate mental serenity is achieved through the coexistence between interior space and the natural realm of the garden and outside surroundings.

  • Completion

  • Area

    550 sqm
  • Location

    Bangkok, Thailand
Transverse Convergence