Super cantilevered bar

Slabtitude was born from Vaslab’s idea of revamping the storage space in front of Vaslab’s own office. After some brainstorming, the architects settled with the idea of opening a cafe where the staffs of their own office can have a casual meeting or work session or simply hang out, it fits the staffs lifestyle as coffee buffs just as well.

The ‘slabtitude’ concept and characteristics are translated into the design of a cafe with glorious exposed concrete surfaces, complemented with a long wooden table as the centerpiece with its striking form installed to look as if it were magically floating on air. The wooden table is a collaborative project between VasLab studio and a wooden furniture connoisseur, Thick and Thin Studio.

Vasu designs the 7-meter long Balau wood that Thick and Thin imported from Malaysia into the table with dynamic form, just like what VasLab’s style is known for. The piece is placed to extrude 5 meters from the counter supported by a steel structure while the remaining part of the wood is joined to another structure hidden inside the counter. While the 7-meter long table accentuates the obvious inherent characteristic of natural wood, by having the piece protruding from the counter makes the presence of the wood even more outstanding. Functionality wise, Vasu intends for the piece to serve as a bar table with the right height for one to sit or stand while enjoying a cup of coffee, the idea is inspired by an Italian coffee drinking culture where the Italians have their coffee standing up.
In addition to the table, the patterns found at different corners of the cafe are created out of randomized arrangements of C-channel fiber cement panels of various sizes, sponsored by SCG DECAAR. The material is laid out into a continuous pattern that flows up to the ceiling, and applied into a shelf next to the counter. Aesthetically, the color of the finer cement blends in with the exposed concrete surface seamlessly.

Vaslab’s design language is expressed not only in the design of Slabtitude’s space and structure, but other miscellaneous elements and details, from the music that 8Musique (music curator) selected to play in the cafe, or the art works and their favorite pieces of furniture.

  • Completion

  • Area

    60 sq.m.
  • Location

    Bangkok, Thailand