RWB Thailand

The architecture of speed.

Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) is a Porsche tuning company founded by Akira Nakai, a renowned Japanese car tuner. He travels the world with expertise in the modification and customization of Porsche 911. RWB opens its first branch in Bangkok on Soi Ramintra 101 with Vaslab as the design collaborator. Together with RWB Thailand, the design team materialises the architecture of the autohaus with unique, dynamic lines and dignified dark structure that stylishly encapsulate the RWB gentlemen’s characteristics.


Vaslab translates the story of speed, intricate craftsmanship and all the distinctive elements of RWB’s Body Kits into the work of architecture with accented energy devised through the presence of openings such as skylights, doors and windows. Placed in a calculated diagonal axis, these architectural elements welcome natural light and ventilation, while simultaneously facilitating efficient ventilation.


The functional space houses two different sections. The first building hosts the showroom, workshop, and office space, while the customer lounge and Porche 911’s service garage are located in the second building, with a coverway linking the two built structures together. Vaslab embraces the use of industrial materials from the polished concrete and epoxy-coated floors, to the celebrated rawness of exposed surface of the brick and concrete walls. When complemented by the dark matte aluminium texture, the architecture of speed stands out amidst the land’s open expanse; emerging as an incredible piece of sculpture when viewed from afar, uncompromisingly reflecting the speed and power that bespeak the very essence of RWB’s character and identity.

  • Completion

  • Area

    500 sqm
  • Location

RWB Thailand