The stone carver

“Our project Mason in the Hotels & Resorts category was selected a Winner in this year’s @Architizer A+Awards! Check it out: #ArchitizerAwards”

Tucked away on Na Chom Thian Beach in Chonburi, Mason is the latest pool villa resort designed by Vaslab. We began by exploring an area of over 48,000 square meters, and found that it was special in terms of site context. This is a beachfront contour that is as tall as a 4-storey building with tranquility. Built with beautiful natural stone, the design blends in with the sea and sand. The selection of granite material preserves the craftsmanship of local artisans in the stone basin.

Since the site is steep, and access to the beach is limited, walking paths in the common area are made to feel interesting for users to enjoy. Architectural lines are designed to feel like a rock cave according to the concept. Through the use of materials with natural textures such as concrete, wood and stone, there is also a walkway going through the bottom of the pool toward the beach bar designed by Party Space Design. The bar is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. 

The pool villas are divided into 4 room types: Garden Pool Villa, Duplex Grand Pool Villa, Beachside Seaview Pool Villa and Beachfront Grand Pool Villa. Each type is located in descending contours with a beautiful sea view. Vaslab has designed the entrance from the green roof with a tropical sensibility. They created a story with the material, which follows the same direction as the common area and uses diagonal lines to add dimension to the building when sunlight hits.

The interior has been crafted from the Ang-Sila community. Black and white film photographs, taken by Chatchakad Waikawee during the construction period, are used as decoration to reflect the design and construction process from start to finish.

The key thing that makes Mason Pattaya complete is trust and support of all partners such as architects, contractors, brand consultants, and owners. Their open vision brings the beauty of nature to the area, as well as community wisdom, which preserves challenging design and ultimately creates a luxury space suited for relaxation.

18 Mason Pattaya
  • Completion

  • Area

    9039 sqm
  • Location

    Pattaya, Thailand