Latitude 12

Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes.

With the laid-back lifestyle of Cha-am beach as the inspiration, Vaslab’s architectural rendition gives birth to Latitude 12, a mid-sized residence situated in a famous beach town in Phetchaburi, a seaside province located to the south of Bangkok.


The architectural conversation that takes place inside this three-story residential structure revolves around openness and freedom. Vaslab intends to facilitate a dialogue that engages Cha-am’s local characteristics and activities, from pine trees, long beach, waves to watersports. The flow of the house’s architectural program is visible in the form of different types of circulations such as the slopes dividing functional spaces on each floor, steps, staircases and walkways.

The design incorporates nature into the house’s architectural program through various components. For instance, the skylight brings in natural light while large openings allow the sea breeze to flow through, ventilating the interior living space with the natural wind. The ground floor is elevated, causing the dining area, the medium-sized swimming pool, the rooftop terrace and the master bedroom to fully embrace the scenic and serene presence of the Cha-am seascape.

  • Completion

  • Area

    1715 sqm
  • Location

Latitude 12