CentralPlaza Rama III

The backyard transformation for the public space

The beginning of a grand transformation of Central Rama III, not only to adjust the new image to be more modernist, but also to create new experiences for people who flock to this shopping center as a second home. Central Pattana has a new design proposal that wants Central Rama 3 to have a relaxed look and sense of welcome and feel a warm home (Space sense of home). In this project, a diverse designers design renovations of both interior and exterior.

Vaslab also has the opportunity to design the exterior facade, presenting under the concept of bringing back garden vibes and “orchid house” that has important elements like “wood laths” to convey the exterior of the house, perfectly.

Facade lines are designed to be organic, tree-like, dynamic and modern. We chose the folded aluminum material for its lightweight. Completed with 5 shades of brown , alternating randomly for a natural look, this facade covers the front of the building from the front to the ceiling at the entrance door and covers the parking building. The design of the battens responds to the problem in terms of the view from the car park that is breathable and natural light that can be accessed, as well as planting potted plants to cover them to make them look like an orchid house.

In addition to the Facade design, Vaslab looks at the integration between the Façade and the landscape architecture (Green living space) at the front, as well as the context of the space from the bus stop to the shopping center entrance. To design green spaces through the use of organic lines as well as the Facade, creating a garden, a bridge across a small canal and walkways for those who travel by public transport can be easily used, It also conveys new experiences. A warm feeling in a good atmosphere in a green garden like a backyard exactly as the idea was laid out.

When Green Living Space is connected both the internal and external appearance, various branding shops that make the shopping center look quite unique, matching the idea of ​​Central that wants each Central branch to be Unique. Vaslab is pleased with the results because we don’t just design the facade to the concept of the project owner, but it has interesting connections such as links with the public roads. It is a small starting point that makes the city better.

CentralPlaza Rama III