Casa de La Flora

Brutalism blooms on the coast of the Andaman Sea.

On a stunning Khao Lak beach in Pang Nga province, stand 36 units of the built structure of the famed design hotel, Casa de la Flora. Modern in appearance, the cluster of buildings exude livelihood, and like its name, the establishment is a blossoming addition to the colours and dynamic of the surrounding natural landscape. Vaslab decodes the owner’s wish and imagination into a signature work of architecture, equipped with all the required functionalities and facilities one can expect from a five-starred hotel, from a beautifully designed and decorated lobby, a state-of-the-art swimming pool with a pool bar, a beachfront restaurant, a spa and fitness room, a library and a number of pool villas overlooking the spectacular presence of the Andaman Sea.

Vaslab developed the hotel’s design language from the metaphorical form of blooming flowers, creating modern architectural structures and spaces that are organic in form. The metaphor is revealed through the existence of the villas whose cubical shapes gradually emerge from the ground, just like blossoming flowers, encapsulating the name Casa de la Flora or house of flowers in the most meaningful way.

In the meantime, the architectural program works together immaculately through a diverse use of materials and compositions such as natural stones, the villas’ exposed concrete surface, sizeable glass openings, and the wood-clad texture. Their physical attributes resonate in perfect unison with the landscape architecture designed by T.R.O.P., merging built structures to the beautifully curated scenery. The flowery forms also make the appearance as a part of the interior decoration, such as the specially made built-in cabinets, beds and furniture by Anon Pairot Design Studio.

At night, Casa de la Flora illuminates in a complementing tune with its surrounding nature. The lighting design by APLD makes the best out of the ambience where the southern sea plays the mystique protagonist role. The design hotel is also distinctive for its functional program, from the ten villas all with private pools and unobstructed access to the breathtaking view of the sea. Planted by the architect, these architectural flowers are blooming, full of life within the wonderful embrace of nature.

  • Completion

  • Area

    4850 sqm
  • Location

    Phang Nga, Thailand
Casa de La Flora