Benz NK Showroom

The car runway

On Kanchanaphisek Road, the route out of Bangkok, the luxury car showroom NK Revolution  has been renovated and expanded from an open car tent, to two connected buildings. Rather  than only referencing existing beautiful architecture, this project takes direct inspiration from  the shapes, materials, and colours of the cars displayed in the building. Vaslab’s top priority is the design of the connection between the new and the old of the column structure and roof, as the construction must not affect the original structure. In addition, with a limited period of time, it is necessary to consider materials that can be constructed quickly, safely and in accordance with the established concept.

The area is divided into two zones—the first floor displays new cars, while the second floor  displays used cars. The intention is to treat the interior like a “Car Catwalk,” to increase interest toward cars and create a car shopping experience that is comfortable and not crowded.

Although the beauty of the interior is important, we don’t forget to consider the showroom’s  functionality, such as the mechanism for bringing cars in and out, the slope ratio, and the  suitability of the back drop. We also raised the level of the catwalk by one meter, so that people on the road are able to view the cars in the showroom.

The frame of the building is designed with a tempered glass surrounding for safety purposes. It also makes promoting a luxury brand, like Mercedes Benz, more efficient. The building is adjacent to the road, which is why we designed the building to have swaying lines, reflecting the idea of speed. The two connected towers and lines on the ceiling were created with aluminium cladding, making the building feel dynamic.

12 Benz HK Showroom



The service center building is separated from the showroom. It is surrounded by installed metal sheets, that are consistent with the facade of the building. Trees were added for people to feel as though they were someplace more special than the average service center. NK Revolution also has a community area, that acts like a hub allowing car lovers to  interact with each other,

Benz NK Showroom