72 Courtyard

This unique interpretation of a community mall

Thonglor is a location of high value, known for its high-end food and beverage businesses. The community mall named ’72 Courtyard’ has become an interesting hangout spot for urban residents.

Behind this sleek black square building, the space functions as a pocket-sized public park, instead of an area for shops to rent. This unique interpretation of a community mall comes from the project owner, K.Chet Chetthachotisak. Vaslab had the opportunity to design this project as an architect of record with Amanda Levete, a famous architect from London.

Vaslab builds on the design concept from Amanda Levete that wants to connect the area from the footpath to the interior of the buildings. The result is a 3-storey building for three buildings. In the front, two buildings are of unequal size, appearing as though the buildings were cut and separated until space was created. This open courtyard makes the atmosphere look clear and makes it easier for passers-by to be persuaded into the park as the concept intended.

The first floor functions as a bar-restaurant, while the second floor is a leading international restaurant. Both floors are taking into account the use of outdoor space which became a wide wooden balcony surrounded by pocket park, designed by TROP : terrains + open space, famous landscape architects. This space outside has a seating area, creating a relaxing open-air experience for customers.

14 72 Courtyard

The back building is connected to a club called Beam, which offers a “new way of clubbing.” The club uses cutting-edge technology laser work, and has a kinetic dance floor. The design focuses on lighting, with the intention that people will spend time together to create new experiences.

Vaslab played in a key role in selecting materials. The selected material, Terrazzo, is imported from Italy, and glows in response to changing weather conditions.

This material is the first of its kind in Thailand to be built as an exterior facade. Terrazzo is more commonly used for interior floors rather than exteriors. We also reflect the materiality of Bangkok, by using pre-cast concrete panels, black terrazzo on the facade, and white terrazzo with matching glass blocks on the side of the building that contrast with the building’s form. It also has a T-shaped steel design to support the weight of every 9 square meter glass block, making the glass block walls look as seamless as possible.

  • Completion

  • Area

    2020 sqm
  • Location

72 Courtyard